About the Artist:

See the beauty in places forgotten...

Brian Grisham is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. The Smoky Mountains have always drawn him and provided his primary source of inspiration. He practices in all two-dimensional media, but concentrates on watercolour, oil, and acrylic painting, and a large variety of pencil drawings. His pencil series' include general stores, old schoolhouses and structures from the Smoky Mountains area.  He has a particular eye for declining structures and other subject matter overlooked by most people. While many pieces reflect the artist's love of the mountains, other parts of Tennessee and the country are represented as well.  Brian works from life, plein air, and from photographs and leans toward photo realism as a genre. His formal training was by apprenticeship with a nationally known artist and college experience at Middle Tennessee State University.  Through his art, Brian is attempting to share an appreciation for history and nature and a sense of wanderlust he owes to his parents and upbringing.

Some unique things about Brian's work:

  • He was trained in the techniques of the masters and often makes all of the material for his paintings including the paint, the painting surface and the frame
  • If the title of his work contains the word "past," it indicates the structure or subject matter has been razed or destroyed
  • Often his paintings contain tiny Adirondack chairs he includes as a hidden signature