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"Theresa's Barn II" 

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"Morning Hunt"

Original Oil and Acrylic Painting

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"Wonderland Hotel Past"

This large piece was painted as a gift for another true friend to the artist, his wife and the citizens of this state.  It depicts several things that are important in his life and was intended to recognize him for his career of service and dedication to the legal community, the Great Smoky Mountains, and people.

The Wonderland Hotel was built in 1912 in the former logging area around Elkmont between Gatlinburg and Townsend, Tennessee.
Originally accessible only by foot, horseback and logging train, it became a popular weekend and summer resort destination in the
1920’s when a roadway was built into the area.  Also in the 20’s (and 30's) the land around the Wonderland was sold to make way for the Great Smoky MountainsNational Park.  After 80 years of operation, it was closed in 1992.  The artist stayed there as a child and frequently visited this structure that continues to haunt him to this day.  It is depicted here, in watercolour,  as it appeared just following its abandonment.  Limited edition (300) prints are available for $60 plain or $100 framed in barnwood. The original is not for sale. 

This large (2 ft. X 2ft) piece was painted as a gift for a true friend to the artist, Mark Hall.  It depicts a scene he captured on a disposable camera during one of his favorite activities, a morning duck hunt with his friends.  This painting has been 16 years in the making and the end results are hopefully worth the wait! 

This original oil and acrylic painting is the second in a series of red barns.   It depicts a winter view of a barn on Old Troy Road in Troy, Tennessee.  "Theresa's Barn II" is not for sale.

New Painting!
"Gary's World"
Original Oil and Acrylic Painting